Knife's Creative Clash
My name is Knife and I'm on Team Lemon for this year's Mini Creative Clash! To contact me, you can reach out in the Discord server or in DMs to knifecat#1269. You can also message me on Twitter at @knifequeer or @knifequeer_art. If you'd like to see more of my characters, art, and writing, please visit my main website here.

Please credit all artwork posted to Twitter featuring my characters to my art account @knifequeer_art. My art can be uploaded to Toyhouse with credit to Atlanxic. For posting elsewhere, please credit to my website

Past Teams: Team Treat

My preferences for all pieces are as follows:

DO: sexual or nonsexual content, pinups, dubcon, weird symbolism, play loose with colors, draw them with different outfits, solo or ship art, violence and gore, upload your pieces anywhere with credit

ASK ME ABOUT: species-swaps, drawing them with different hairstyles, angst ideas, use of queer slurs in the art, drawing them with your or other people's OCs

DO NOT: change their body types / genders / racial features, upload your pieces without design credit, use other slurs

KINK: To see what I'm into for sexual art, you can refer to my F-List. The stuff in the "maybe" column is stuff I may be willing to draw, but would not prefer to see for my own characters.


CN: none

Azul & Juma & Kyren

CN: violence, medical malpractice, age gap, stalking,
captivity, abuse, medical kink, codependency, manipulation,
cheating, monster-fucking, dehumanization, knotting

Valentin & Neist & Devon

CN: oviposition, demons, insectoids, clowns, noncon,
monster-fucking, violence, cults, wound-fucking

Cinder & Ripple & Tristan

CN: CGL, underage, bondage, pseudo-incest
If none of these are catching your fancy, feel free to browse my Other Characters.