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Name: Azul Rionis
Pronouns: he/him
Age: 38
Height: 6'2"
Race: white

Physical details: Azul is a trans man who transitioned a long time ago. He's been on HRT for a number of years, and his top surgery scars have almost entirely faded away. He hasn't had a phalloplasty, but he has had his metoidioplasty. He keeps fit, but he doesn't have defined muscles. He has Russian ancestry and very strong facial features.

Outfit details: As something of a hermit, he dresses casually most of the time. He can often be found in simple cotton shirts and loose sweatpants, favoring earthy tones. When he goes into town, he makes more of an effort to dress nicely, and might wear jeans and his peacoat if it's colder. He wears practical hiking boots most of the time.
Azul has long had a fascination for the death of all things. His vulture culture hobby quickly gained attention and now that he's nearing 40, it's become a stable enough career for him to buy a cabin in the woods, living in isolation as much as he can.

While he prefers to be alone, where he can focus, he finds that he enjoys seeing people all the more now that he doesn't have to. His sharp intuition often makes people feel they've known him forever.
When Juma is at the lowest point in his life so far, Azul happens to be there to help. Their meal together is a life-changing event for both of them: Juma's lycanthropic transformation catches Azul's attention as a taxidermist.

Barely escaping with his life, Juma manages to get back into town, and finds salvation in Kyren's DIY medical practice. But as he recovers, more and more questions surface. The necessity of these medications, the recovery times quoted, Kyren's own collection of small animal skulls.

Finally, Juma realizes that Kyren and Azul know each other well. Jumping to the conclusion that they're collaborating in his murder, he doesn't realize that they're actually rivals, both in agreement that he would be a good pet until the time of his death.


  • medical kink/vivisection
  • gore/violence
  • restraints
  • turning the tables
  • humiliation
  • submissive top Juma
  • knotting
  • transformation
  • NTR
  • possessiveness
  • dubcon


  • injections
  • angst
  • noncon