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Name: Cinder
Pronouns: he/they
Age: 28
Height: 5'9"
Species: flying fox

Physical details: Cinder is based on an Indian flying fox. They have dark blue-teal fur, which is darker on their shins, groin, and parts of their chest. They have skin wings which attach from their fingers to their tail, not their ankles. When they're wrapped up, it gives the impression of a half-length cloak. The skin of their wings is purple near their body, fading to pink farther out. It can be depicted as translucent or opaque. Their fingers form 3 points on their wings, with the fourth finger not reaching the end. Their thumb is separate, and they use it to grip things. Their arms and fingers are the color of their darker fur. Their legs are vaguely human-shaped, and thick. They have talon-like feet. Their toes and thumbs have long claws, which are yellow. Their ears have a leaf-like shape and are ribbed on the inside. They wear two stud earrings on each side. They generally also wear glasses with round frames and a chain, but these can be omitted. Their eyes are pink, with yellow scelera. Their nose is large and heart-shaped, with curly nostrils. They have longer fur on their chin than the rest of their face. They have purple hair which all falls to one side, and matching short eyebrows. The fur on their body is dense and fluffy. They have six nipples. They're chubby. They have a noticeable T-dick, which you are free to exaggerate.
The most "me" of my fursonas, so it's hard to talk about them objectively. They're a little bit hesitant, but passionate about the people and things they care about. Likely to hyperfix on one thing for a month, kind of neurotic. Not as vain as the other two. Rivalmancing Tristan. Views Ripple as a younger sister and wants to protect them.


  • put them in leather harnesses
  • shipping with Tristan and Ripple
  • tie them up
  • dubcon (victim or perpetrator)
  • exaggerate their T-dick
  • draw them as a robot
  • use a more monstrous or weird style
  • Cinder giving Tristan piercings
  • front hole penetration


  • interactions with your/other OCs
  • draw them as feral
  • noncon (victim or perpetrator)


  • anal