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Name: Sasha Rowan
Pronouns: they/them
Age: 23
Height: 5'4"
Race: white

Physical details: Sasha is AFAB nonbinary, non-op and not on HRT. They're on the skinny side, but soft and rounded. They have delicate facial features, an upturned nose, and a soft jawline. Please feel free to emphasize how small and cute they are.

Outfit details: Prefers to wear frilly shirts and short shorts. Enjoys patterns. Is wearing a cropped binder most of the time. Not shy about accessories.
Sasha is an unrelenting optimist and a flamboyant queer. Their cheerful attitude makes friends easily, although some find it a bit much. They don't have any particular plans or aspirations in life, instead floating through the weeks from one day off to the next. They seldom express strong preferences or negative emotions, and they have a difficult time with conflict.

They spend as much time as possible with their friends, and when they're alone, they can be found scrapbooking or doodling. While they're happy to tell stories about their recent adventures, they never mention their past. Little do they know, it will soon be catching up to them.


  • noncon/dubcon (victim)
  • mob art
  • various outfits
  • cheerful imagery
  • bright colors
  • captivity
  • shadow motifs
  • pinups


  • ships with specific characters