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Name: Valentin Matei
Pronouns: he/him
Age: 49
Height: 5'11"
Race: Slav

Physical details: Valentin is a stocky cis man. He's strong and blocky, and has enough fat to obscure his muscle. He has stubble most of the time, and the beginnings of wrinkles that evidence a great deal of scowling. His hair is black with silvering patches, and wavy.

Outfit details: He wears a long black coat that is obviously quite old most of the time. The majority of the rest of his clothing follows suit: black, practical, and grungy. He is almost always wearing a wide-brimmed hat, round sunglasses, a gun holster, and a pair of black leather boots. While he doesn't wear a lot of color, he favors wine red when he does.
The demon hunter Valentin has never been one to mince words. Gruff and to-the-point, he hunts down his quarries with single-minded determination, whether he's being funded by concerned local people or the evangelical organization he has always pledged allegiance to. Driven by a need for penitence, he vows to let no one end up as his wife did- or as her victims.
Devon's chance encounter with Neist in a back alley leaves him bleeding out, certain that death is coming for him. When he wakes up several days later in the hospital, he is a changed man. Convinced that he and all of mankind exist only as a stepping stone for demonic evolution, he preaches his ideals to anyone who will listen, all the while hoping to meet his savior again.

Valentin finds him insufferable, and more importantly, dangerous. Unwilling to turn his gun on a fellow human being, he is repeatedly stopped from harming Neist by Devon's over-zealous followers. It doesn't occur to him until it's too late that Neist has no need of such protection.

As far as Neist is concerned, the two of them make delightful companions. To say it has a strange way of showing affection would be putting it lightly.


  • oviposition in existing orifices
  • oviposition in new wounds
  • noncon/dubcon
  • gore
  • psychedelic colors
  • Christian symbolism
  • play loose with Neist's anatomy and outfit
  • ritual sacrifice
  • vore (taking bites)
  • include Devon's cult as mob
  • eggpreg
  • lactation


  • safe, sane, consensual stuff
  • Neist in captivity/restraints
  • vore (swallowing whole)
  • snuff


  • fluff scenes
  • Neist being physically injured
  • hyper